womanWelcome! I’m Joy Nelson, the founder of the Pleasure Activist and the author of the blog Tantrachick. I am a graduate of Island Hypnosis, with training in a variety of massage techniques, alternative health modalities, and sacred sexuality teachings. In 2005, I opened my practice in Victoria, BC. I began offering what I call “Hypnotic Hands Massage”, a healing modality that incorporates healing on many levels (emotional, physical, and spiritual).

As my practice evolved, I began noticing a common thread that was present during most of my sessions. The individuals and couples I worked with experienced varying levels of disconnection from their sensuality. They often expressed frustration with the lack of profound, deeply satisfying pleasure in their intimate lives.

My practice naturally evolved to meet the needs of my clients and I began offering Intimacy Coaching. Since the transformation of my practice in 2006, I have worked with hundreds of men, women, and couples. In addition, I have communicated about sex and intimacy with thousands of people from around the globe through my blog, my online writings, and my Facebook community.

I share what I have learned about sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and sensuous living on my blog, in a variety of magazines, and on related websites. Over time, my work has evolved into an online practice where I help people activate their pleasure and develop a life filled with passion. You can now access me from the comfort of your home by booking a Skype session! I look forward to meeting with you!

From my heart to yours,


Click here to schedule a session with Joy.

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