Orgasmic Meditation: Masturbation Manifestation

Okay, when I put the question out there…what do you want me to write about…and agreed to write about whatever was suggested, I knew it might get interesting. One of the topics I was asked about was my personal masturbation fantasy. Hmmm….I decided to modify the topic slightly because well, I just did:-)

I have been contemplating what I call “masturbation manifestation” through “orgasmic meditation” for quite some time, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share. I’m sure many of you have watched movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? If not, the basic idea is that we have the ability to create our reality through the power of our minds.

I wholeheartedly agree. However, this entire line of thinking can get pretty complicated when we start to think about negative aspects of our lives and say that we are responsible for those experiences. That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that, there are aspects of our lives that we are able to alter through positive thought, energy, and the power of prayer or intention.

When I think of energy, specifically the most powerful energy, I think of life force energy, or sexual energy. In fact, I researched the use of sexual energy throughout history. What I found is that sex magic/sexual manifestation has been around for a very, very longtime. So, call it silly if you like, but when I am manifesting something in my life, I direct not only my mind, intention, and positive thoughts, but also my sexual or orgasmic energy towards my desired outcome.

For me, the process goes something like this…I run a bath, fill the tub with hot water, bubbles and a few drops of organic essential oils, then light a candle, turn out the lights, strip down, sink into the water and simply bask in the beauty of the water, sensual aroma and candlelight. I then begin breathing deeply while focusing on my sexual energy. I imagine drawing my energy in through my yoni and up through all of my chakras until it reaches the crown of my head.

I imagine my energy flowing gently through the air and circling back down through my yoni. I continue to visualize and feel this “loop” of sexual energy flowing through every cell in my body. I then begin exploring my body, truly feeling my body and energy….as my arousal deepens, I continue breathing deeply, feeling the intense power of my sexual energy as it begins to increase in intensity.

Then I focus my sexual or life force energy towards my desired outcome. For instance, if I am trying to make an important decision, I focus on the question. If I focus long enough, an answer will come to me. The more I manifest through orgasmic meditation, the more skilled I become and the faster my answer comes to me (seriously, no pun intended). I have an extremely visual mind, so I see my answer rather than hear it, but everyone is unique and there is no right or wrong way to manifest or gain clarity.

When I feel focused, I imagine my energy flowing from my yoni towards my desired outcome. I often create some sort of an affirmation to go with my vision. Then I give in to arousal and allow my orgasmic energy to flow….I can literally feel the energy surrounding me. At some point I draw the energy back into me with the thought clearly in my mind that I have solved my dilemma and the positive outcome is secure. I then relax back into my bath, intentionally slow my breathing and give in to the essence of the moment.

It is not only a wonderful way to focus or make decisions in life, it is also an excellent way to let go of stress or tension in your body. You can also lay in bed, sit in secluded and private space in nature, or stand in a hot shower..As long as you keep your intention positive, I truly believe anything is possible. This can even be a spiritual process if you are in the right mind frame. You can also modify the process to include your lover.

Orgasmic Meditation

From my heart to yours, Joy

11 comments on “Orgasmic Meditation: Masturbation Manifestation

  1. Thank you so much Joy for enhancing the question in this way. This was a delight to read and again only makes me wish to try Tantra more.
    Perfectly described, so vivid that I can understand how focussing like this can only have a positive outcome. I will save this and reflect on this more during my own progression.
    Just one question…did you receive my mail detailing my own personal background?
    Beuatiful, thank you

    • Hi Mark,

      You’re welcome and thank you once again for your supportive feedback! Tantra is different for each person. For me, it was first a youthful interest, then an erotic exploration, then it merged into a healing journey…From there, it became a part of my life. It is an aspect of my being. My path is best described as the Path of the Sacred Lovers. This is one of the workshops I teach and is my way of life. I am not sure, I don’t know how to check my messages. I didn’t even know I could receive messages:-) How do I check my messages? I think you mentioned the message was sent to my first blog, which I just deleted, so I may not get it. My email is: joy@shaktara.com

      Shungo, Joy

  2. Good article. I believe in this.

  3. Does this work for men?\

  4. joy@shaktara doesn’t work. So I am pasting my Email message to you here……
    I read your article Masturbation manifestation, it was very interesting.
    See, I am male and 28 years of age and never been in a relationship with a women (I am serious, and sad about this fact too) I wanted to
    know why I never seem to attract women, did some research on the net and finally I think I found the answer. I started masturbating when I was
    14, it felt so good that I used to masturbate a lot ,what I didn’t know then was that I depleted too much of my energy by masturbation and ejaculation, even though I loved the immense pleasure of doing it.
    What I would like to know is whether a women can sense if a male has withdrawn (ejaculated) his energy?. It seems that women can sense very low energy levels of a man who has ejaculated his energy away. So, is it possible at all for a male to use masturbation manifestation to attract women? Is masturbation, by withholding the fluids within his body good for health? Is masturbation of this type energy giving or energy spending? Will this make me attract more women by withholding my fluids inside by masturbation?

    Waiting for reply.
    Thank you a lot

    • Sorry, I will update my email. Thank you…I have been reconnecting with my lover who was away for 3 weeks….as you can imagine, this weekend is worhty of a blog post or twenty:-) I want to fully take in what you have expressed and give you my undivided time when I respond…I will respond within the next day or two. Thank you for sharing…from my heart to yours, Joy

  5. I have to say that i actually found women more attracted when I was masterbating with good intent regularly because it is physically healthy and I think most women are attracted to sort of an alpha male who doesn’t have trouble acquiring sexual partners. So I wouldn’t place the blame on that unless it’s limiting your life energy or motivation. I do find also that relaxed breathing down the front of your body and up your spine with good posture can attract women. I would recommend the book – The Way of the Surperior Man to you if you think you embody masculine energy or even just to get some background on the topic. If you keep yourself happy and healthy and you pickup on the signs of attraction, you should find a lover in no time at all. :)

    • I have a lover, but many of my readers are still seeking their divine lover…thank you so much for the information and for taking part in this discussion! From my heart to yours, Joy

  6. thanks I am a man I work in the similar line.I get results.I mastrubate and utilise the energy.what is your views about what I do.BR

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