The Arousal Therapist: Arousal Therapy With Joy

Well, after contemplating the whole Naked Therapist idea, I came up with my own form of therapy…Arousal Therapy…

Arousal + Transformation = Freedom!

Through my years working as a Hypnotherapist, Hypnotic Hands Masseuse and a Tantric Intimacy Coach, I learned that arousal is a gateway for transformation, sensual awakening and self-discovery.

Unlike Arousal Therapy, in a more conventional therapy session (talk therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, etc.) it is necessary to suppress naturally occurring arousal. Although this form of therapy serves its purpose, Arousal Therapy serves an equally important purpose.

The mission of Arousal Therapy is to promote healthy and joyous expression of sensual energy, deep intimacy with oneself and another, and an understanding of love and sex as a natural part of life. Through Arousal Therapy, my clients are able to discover a holistic approach to living life that meshes ancient wisdom, modern wisdom, and our body’s wisdom.  What could be more beautiful than that?

What is Arousal Therapy?

Arousal Therapy is a form of talk therapy in which the therapist uses various techniques (breath, arousal hypnosis, open communication, etc.) to engage the senses and arouse the mind of the client. When the client is aroused, they are able to dig deep within and reconnect with their sexual freedom.

What is sexual freedom?

For many years, advocates of healthy human sexuality have been telling us that we must be sexually expressive. That we must create our own sexual rules; that it is healthy to explore our sexual fantasies. That we must discover or rediscover our own true sexual nature to become “sexually liberated”.

However, I must ask this important question…Are we, as a society, truly sexually liberated? Unfortunately, the answer is NO!

Here are some general examples that illustrate ways in which we are not sexually liberated:

  • We are disconnected from ourselves and our bodies
  • We are emotionally, sexually and spiritually disconnected from our lovers
  • We don’t understand what it means to be sexually empowered
  • We don’t know how to feel true sexual pleasure and bliss
  • We don’t truly own or understand our bodies
  • When it comes to personal choice in sexual pleasure, we have few healthy role models
  • We have a warped sense of what it means to be sexually liberated

Naked Therapist Sarah White asserts that: “…arousal is a mental state that we seek for its own sake, and we have let the physical nature of it cloud us from looking at it more closely for what values it might hold in terms of informing us about ourselves….”

Although I have been a healer and intimacy coach for many years, Arousal Therapy is a new path for me. I am deeply inspired by the work of Naked Therapist, Sarah White. I even explored the idea of becoming a Naked Therapist, but my personal boundaries and comfort level prevents me from taking my clothes off during a therapeutic session. It’s just not for me…

However, I truly believe that arousal is a gateway for sensual awakening and transformation. In addition, I do not believe that it is necessary for me to be naked for my clients to benefit from the experience of intentional or “informed arousal” during a therapeutic session.

As for visual stimuli as a path to arousal (like looking at your therapist while she’s naked); our world is filled with pornographic material, sexually explicit media and imagery. The result is that we live in a sexually charged and sexually unhealthy society.

Although each individual reacts differently, in general, people react to the abundance of sexual stimuli by either shutting down, or becoming chronically turned on. The resulting damage mainly plays out through our intimate relationships.

In our romantic relationships, it is common place for one partner to shut down, while the other is chronically turned on. This imbalance creates an unstable and potentially unfulfilling relationship. The tools and techniques I use during Arousal Therapy sessions help create a more balanced approach to sexuality with expanded pleasure and bliss as the core intention.

Some of the techniques I may use during your session:

Mindful Breathing: awakens sexual energy

Open Communication: frees your mind from guilt and shame associated with sexuality

Arousal Hypnosis: engages you so that you are able to learn more about yourself

Sexual Discovery: can be used as a tool for spiritual empowerment

Cultivating Sexual Energy: is something you are able to learn during your session (if desired)

An Arousal Therapy session takes place via Skype or over the telephone. During Skype video call, theArousal Therapist is fully clothed at all times. It is a well-known fact that the human brain is one of the most important sex organs. According to Dr. Stephan Hamann, a professor of psychology at Emmery University, one reason men (more than women) respond to visual stimuli is because of cultural conditioning.

North American men are inundated with sexual imagery, which causes them to react more strongly to visual stimulation. Being in a constant state of sexual hyperstimulation can, over time, wreak havoc on one’s sexuality. Arousal Therapy aims to engage your biggest sex organ; your brain, which helps you reset and recharge your core sexual desire and gain a deeper understanding our yourself as a sexual being.

In addition, because of my research and work in the field of human sexuality, sacred sexuality and relationship dynamics, I have developed a vast and expansive knowledge base. During your session, I set aside time for you to ask me questions, thus increasing your sexual intelligence. If you have an interest in Tantra, I can incorporate Tantric techniques into your session.

Before participating in an Arousal Therapy session with me, I ask that you fill out my short intake form. The information you provide (a tiny bit of history, your intention for the session, any particular issues you might like to focus on, and your desired outcome) will help me learn more about you, your intention for yourself and your desire for your session.

During the Arousal Therapy session, we will start off by simply chatting about your hopes and desires. As the session progresses and you become more comfortable, I will begin utilizing a variety of arousal techniques to engage your mind. The specific techniques vary depending on your specific issues (if any), your needs and your desired outcome. Each session is tailored to your unique situation.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Arousal Therapy; I look forward to working with you.Together, we will activate your arousal, access your desire and through doing so, you just might discover the beauty of true sexual freedom!

From my heart to yours,


Thought I would share with you lovely people and see what you think! The Arousal Therapist

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