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Warrior Goddess

It was the moment when I felt my breath being squeezed from my body. It was then that i gave up. I gave in. He had defeated me. My spirit was broken. My soul ripped from my body. I was nothing but a shell of a woman. I had become a victim. Spirit broken, soul […]

Clarity: Rape, Consensual Sex and The Slut Factor

I just wanted to clarify where I stand on a few issues. My most recent post, which I published earlier today, was written from my past/uneducated/naive in the art of love voice. The teenage me, if you will. I was also more highlighting my home town mentality about “sluts”, which was a constant theme during my […]

Kind of Heavy: Part of Joy’s Story…

Beyond the almost daily sexual assaults that I experienced in my own home…I have experienced a plethora of sexual abuse. For years I wondered why I would experience so much negativity. Over time I grew to understand that sexual predators seek out “victims”. Those who are confused…those whose spirit has been broken, those who don’t […]

Rape, Sexual Healing and True Bliss…

Today is not the day to tell my “story”…Today is a day to celebrate how far I have come…I have walked through hell…faced intense moments of fear, anger and in fact rage…to get to where I am today. It was a long journey, filled with intense moments of both suffering and then bliss…but today, I […]

Sexual Healing: From Victim to Sex Goddess

While writing my visual guide to bodywork for couples….my husband and I began talking about our sexual history. It was very interesting to hear his perspective. We got together when I was 24 years old. I had experienced sexual abuse my entire life. My adopted father began preening me for abuse as a baby and […]


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