Whispering Willow Audio: Joy's Sensual Relaxation Script…

Whispering Willow checked out the Tantrachick blog and found my sensual relaxation post. She asked permission to record it and post it on her Youtube channel. I was hesitant at first, but then thought, hey what the heck! I think she did an incredible job! Check out her Youtube Channel and take a few moments to list to this audio relaxation…Warning: Erotic! side effects…arousal, desire and potential bliss….

PS: Please remember that listening to any relaxation program while driving is not advisable!

4 thoughts on “Whispering Willow Audio: Joy's Sensual Relaxation Script…

  1. WOW!!To be totally relaxed & aroused at the same time,something i took a long time & am still learning to do.Amazing article Joy,& whispering willows voice is very sensual & sexy,& does a great job in “arousing ” the senses ,but would love to hear you tell it.


    1. Tried to figure out my microphone so that I could record it…can’t get it to work. i have a new computer and am still figuring out how to work everything. thanks for the feedback and i will try to get it recorded in my voice…her voice was lovely, but she read it like a script…it requires a hypnotic voice, which comes from a different space within…Thanks!!!! Muwah! Joy


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